Baby Name of the Week: Matilda

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There's a song by Tom Waits called Waltzing Matilda that I love. It's actually part of a very old song written by a poet in the 1800s and it's also the unofficial anthem for Australia.

Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger (who was Australian) named their daughter Matilda.


Most popular in the 1800s, according to CafeMom's Baby Name Finder, Matilda is German meaning strength for battle, and French for strong in war.

It's one of those vintage names that feels fresh again. And you could call her Matty for short. There's also that actress Tilda Swinton. Her full name is Katherine Matilda Swinton and goes by Tilda. I like it.

There are only ten CafeMoms who named their daughter Matilda and it's ranked 829 in the US as far as popularity.

Do you like the name Matilda? What does the name make you think of?


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