Would You Want a Halloween Baby?

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When my mom was pregnant with me, my due date was October 26th. It came and went, and doctors wanted to induce her on Halloween. She didn't want to have a Halloween baby, so she waited a couple of days. I was born on November 2nd. She shared "our" birth story and it was great to know what she went through with me, especially now that I am pregnant with my firsts. Twins.

Even though my mom and I don't talk about it much, we are both very superstitious. And what's funny is that Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year -- I love dressing up. I'd like to think that maybe I was having my own Halloween party in my mom's womb back then. I didn't want to come out until I was done.

Sometimes though, being born on a day that people celebrate can be challenging for the mom.


My sonographer told me that when she went into labor two days before Christmas, there was so much traffic driving through the streets of NYC to get to the hospital. Everything worked out fine, but it can add some stress to an already stressful situation.

My twins are due on December 24th -- Christmas Eve. And while I doubt I will go full term, there is a chance of me going into labor on Thanksgiving. And if I miss stuffing and sweet potatoes someone better make them for me after the babies are born!

Would you attempt to postpone your child's birth if it coincides with a day like Halloween or another holiday?


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