Bowel Movement During Labor

toiletA lot of people don't talk about this, but some women have a bowel movement during labor.

I'm very open with my husband and I'm not the most modest person around, so it's not that I care about some poo coming out as I'm laboring, but what about the babies? I don't want them born into a stinky mess. What if it happens just before my twins make their arrival?

Am I totally overthinking this?


Yes, OK. I am.

I was reading through some posts on CafeMom and one mom said she did but they cleaned it up so fast she didn't even realized it happened. She was told it happened later by her husband.

Some have even said that a few days before delivery, they had many bowel movements and it was like their body cleaned itself out naturally in preparation. That would be great!

Apparently enemas used to be common to help the mom remove any waste before labor, but it's not recommended anymore.

Bottom line, I'm learning, is that the type of pushing that happens when you go number two is similar to how you labor a baby out.

Still, it would be nice if I didn't poo.

Are you worried about having a bowel movement during labor?


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