Did You Have Gender Disappointment?

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At about 16 weeks, some choose to find out the gender of their baby. I remember the day -- I was getting a 3-D ultrasound and my husband was next to me. The sonographer asked us if we wanted to know the sex of our twins.


We were holding hands and she went to Baby A first who was not cooperating. So onto Baby B. It's a boy!

I looked at my husband and knew how overjoyed he was. Could I be so lucky as to have boy/girl twins? Would Baby A cooperate? Yes, she did. Yes, a girl!

I know my husband and his dad were really hoping one of the babies would be a boy to carry on the family name. I'm excited just to be pregnant, but when I found out it was twins I hoped for a girl so I could dress her up in cute outfits.

There are a lot of people who experience gender disappointment. And often they just don't talk about it.


After reading the comments on this discussion about gender disappointment, moms have varied thoughts.

Some wished for one sex, but got the other, yet were just happy the baby was healthy. Others have experienced disappointment when finding out the sex wasn't what they had hoped for.

There's even a new group called Dealing With Gender Disappointment here on CafeMom.

Is it acceptable to talk about gender disappointment? Did you experience any sadness upon learning the sex of your baby?


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