Portable Ultrasound: Take It or Leave It?

ultrasound scanner vscan

Photo from GE

When I first heard the babies heartbeat, I wanted a heartbeat monitor. Then I thought, um, no, I could be spending that money on something much more needed.

Now I see there is an ultrasound scanner!


Well, it's coming soon.

The low-cost, portable ultrasound scanner is made by General Electric and is called Vscan. It's about the size of a cell phone. Not sure of the price yet, GE is just saying it's low cost.

And it's being called the stethoscope of the 21st Century.

For the average mom-to-be, it's probably a bit extravagant. I just thought it would be great to bring to a visit to relatives and have them all experience seeing the baby (in my case babies) in the womb.

But really, it can be an extremely useful tool -- it can help doctors when they travel to countries where ultrasounds aren't available and help make crucial decisions before birth and for other medical reasons.

Would you get a portable ultrasound machine for personal use?


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