Real Houswives' Bethenny Frankel is Pregnant

Bethenny Frankel

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After rumors of a baby on the way and some denial, Bethenny Frankel has confirmed that she is pregnant.

Recently the "Real Housewife" (who wasn't a housewife at all) made headlines when she announced that she was engaged to Jason Hoppy, a handsome fellow she met in NYC.

The couple plan to wed before baby is born.


Apparently there was so much gossip about her being pregnant that she had to confirm it even though she wasn't ready to. She said her own in-laws didn't even know when the news leaked since she's only two months along.

Ooh, I know how stressful those early days are -- when to tell, who to tell first, the worry that everything is going to be OK.

I wish the very best for Bethenny and Jason. A wedding, a baby! How exciting!


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