Are You Keeping Track of Your Baby's Kicks?

pregnant woman

Photo by amybuddy45

Some people keep track of their baby's kicks in the womb. With twins in my belly at 32 weeks, I am being kicked or punched almost all the time. Some doctors recommend jotting down the frequency as a way to monitor that everything is OK with baby.

In your third trimester, you should experience about 10 kicks an hour.


My baby girl is super active. She punches and kicks a lot more than my little boy. But my boy loves to curl up and his butt presses hard against my ribs when he does. Ouch.

I'm not keeping a kick chart on paper, but it's definitely in my mind and with twins in there they kick so often I would notice if there was a change in that.

Do you keep a kick chart? How active is your baby (or babies) in the womb?


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