Does Giving Birth Sound Orgasmic?


Photo by roxysmommy

I was talking to one of my friends the other day after I wrote the post on being loud during sex. She has two kids and mentioned how the sounds a woman makes during labor and delivery can sound orgasmic.

I immediately thought of the film The Business of Being Born -- lots of moaning and groaning during those births. Dare I say the women even looked so peaceful right when the baby was born? Very similar to orgasm.


My husband makes orgasm faces when he plays guitar...doesn't mean he's on the verge of climax. (At least I hope not.) It's not necessarily the same kind of pleasure, but a form of pleasure, satisfaction, or a culmination of emotions.

There are women who say they have had a type of orgasm when they gave birth. Others cannot even fathom it.

But there is no denying the sounds we make during these times are certainly similar.

What do you think? Are birth sounds and orgasm sounds similar?


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