Woman Gives Birth in Taxi Cab

nyc taxiAt 31 weeks, I'm starting to think about where I will be when it's time for my twins to be born. If I'm at work, I'm actually a short walk away from the hospital. If I'm at home, it's a drive over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and uptown, which could take anywhere from 10 to over 30 minutes depending on traffic.

Last week, one NYC woman had her baby in a taxi.


Sally Schuiling, 35, and her husband Addison Proctor, 36, hailed a cab to NYU Medical Center (same hospital as me!) from their Upper West Side apartment. Somewhere along the short route, the baby was born in the taxi.

Sally pushed and Alice Adeline Proctor entered the world.

"I scooped her up and put her on my chest, and she was breathing right away," the first time mom told the New York Post

OK, I find this story incredible because it seems like mama had little to no pain. Maybe the concern of making it to the hospital actually diverted any fear of childbirth she may have had? Kind of like what I've learned about hypnobirthing -- you remove the fear and you can remove the pain. Who knows. But what a great story!

Do you worry about where you will be when your baby is ready to be born?


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