Pregnancy Fear: Baby's Face Cut During C-Section

surgery toolsOK pregnant mamas...let me just say I do not want to inflict fear in anyone, I'm pregnant too, with my first babies. Yeah twins. So fear...well I have a new fear every day. But I'm the kind of person who likes to talk about fear -- it helps me not fear so much.

Here's a fear I never thought of before though...until now.

I read about one CafeMom's birth story and her baby's face was cut during her c-section.


How could that happen? But apparently it can, though it is very, very rare.

This CafeMom and her baby are doing fine, but still...poor baby being cut. Thankfully it wasn't his eye!

I am not planning on having a c-section, but I do know how things don't often go according to plan. So this is frightening.

Have you ever heard of a baby being cut during a c-section?


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