Shooting When Pregnant: Is It Safe?

shooting rangeThere are lots of things we worry about when pregnant -- dyeing our hair, polishing our nails, going to a rock concert, having anal sex -- but I never thought about if shooting a gun was safe during pregnancy.

One CafeMom wanted to know and many gave their thoughts....

  • You are more clumsy when pregnant, so not a good idea to be handling a gun.
  • The noise may be too loud for baby, especially later in pregnancy, and it can startle him.
  • It's illegal in some states to be on a shooting range when pregnant.
  • There is no problem with it if you are careful.
  • No because of the lead in the gun powder.

It seems there aren't any in-depth studies done on this, but in this article written by Elizabeth Kennedy and Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D, Shooting While Pregnant: Dangerous or Not?, several doctors are questioned. 

The doctors were contacted with the question of if it was safe for a law enforcement student to attend a firearms training course. They all agreed that there was no reason why a woman couldn't shoot at a lead-free range with frangible bullets -- aka bullets that disintegrate upon impact and do not ricochet.

The author, shooting experts, and doctors also suggested that if you must shoot, to follow these guidelines:

  • Discuss with your doctor first.
  • Use lead-free ammo (with lead-free primers).
  • Shoot outdoors (to reduce exposure to noise and chemicals).
  • Shoot the smallest possible number of rounds.
  • Wear a respirator.
  • Wash hands carefully (three times) with cold water.
  • Do not drink/eat within one hour after shooting.
  • Use a silencer when possible.
  • Wear heavy clothing and or soft body armor covering the abdomen.

One lieutenant interviewed raised the following point: If you wouldn't bring your newborn baby to stand three feet away from someone shooting on a range, why would you take a baby that's in utero?

What do you think of shooting while pregnant? Would you go?


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