Twin Pregnancy Week by Week: 24 (Heartburn and Fatigue)

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We're joining Kim (aka wntg1grl), a stay-at-home mom of three who's expecting twins, on her exciting journey from bump-to-babies. Check back every week for the latest developments.

Week 24
What's Happening with Mom:
My pregnancy symptoms have began to grow! I woke up one day and realized I have heartburn, like every day, it is awful! I have grown very fond of mint Tums! My fatigue is back too...a nap a day keeps the grumpies away!!! 

I am working on deciding what to be for Halloween!  I bought a Devil costume, thinking it would fit, but NO WAY! It became very short and tight! I think I will just be a doctor, I still have the costume from two years ago when I wore it while pregnant with Logan.  

What's Happening with Babies:  

Though we're still breathing in amniotic fluid, our lungs have started secreting surfactant, which helps us breath once we reach the outside world. Our sweet faces are pretty much formed and now we're focusing on growing our muscles, fat, and organs!

Question of the Week from Answers:   

I have horrible heartburn, what foods should I eat to help combat it? I'm taking Zantac and Pepcid AC and it was working up until last week. I'm 21 weeks pregnant. What  foods do you suggest that might help my heartburn? legalmom343

Carolyn123: I've seriously been living off Tums this entire pregnacy. I have to have at least 15 per day. I'm not sure if you can overdose on Tums, but I'm probably close.
Have you tried the Tums Smoothies? I can't stand the regular super chalky ones, but I manage the Smoothies.

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