Teeth Cleaning When Pregnant: Is It Safe?

baby brushing teeth

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I have a teeth cleaning scheduled for November which would put me in my eight month of pregnancy with twins. I'm not too happy about this timing only because I'm already uncomfortable and sitting in a chair with my mouth open having people work on my teeth doesn't sound like a good time. But hey, at least my feet will be elevated.

It turns out that getting a teeth cleaning when pregnant is not only safe, but recommended.


I'm not talking about getting any x-rays of course -- that is not safe -- I just mean a good old tooth cleanse. Good oral hygiene is important all the time, but particularly when you are pregnant. Plus not having a healthy mouth can affect the baby and even contribute to preterm delivery.

All the extra hormones makes you more sensitive to plaque and the increased blood flow can make your gums swell. And there may be more "pink in the sink" meaning your gums may bleed a little during pregnancy. Comes with the territory.

Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day and of course keep up on the flossing.

I have noticed more plaque and also swelling. The gap between my two front teeth is actually closing! I am going to mention this to the doc when I see him in a few weeks.

Have you noticed a change in your teeth during pregnancy?

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