Things My Unborn Babies Love

twin sonogram

My sonogram of my twins.

What cute little heads!

My twins, seven months in the womb, are already showing signs of what they like. I'm basing this on their reactions to what I eat and do, and how much they kick and respond.

I put together a list and I'm curious to see if the things they like now match with the things they like after they are born.


My twins love...

  • Mexican food. I don't do spicy, so it's a bland version. But even when I had morning sickness in the first trimester, burritos and tacos were always welcomed.
  • Daddy playing guitar. My hubs plays for them and first they give soft kicks in the direction the sound is coming from, then they are calm.
  • When I sing to them. I made up a song called Two Little Babies in the Belly (I'm silly) and my husband knows the words, too. When we sing it to them they seem to respond, but seem relaxed.
  • That first glass of water or juice in the morning. (So does mama.) They seem all tensed up when I first get out of bed, then I hydrate and they seem happier. 
  • Taking showers. They probably find the water as soothing as I do. For them it's more the sound though.
  • Ice cream. I pay for this with their insane kicking. But oh how we all love Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.
  • Meditation and deep breathing. It really relaxes us all.
  • When I rub my belly. Sometimes they move a lot or feel like they are tensed up in a ball. If I rub my belly over them and say some soft words like I love you babies, they relax.

What about your baby in the belly? Are you noticing certain things or foods they respond to or seem to like?


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