Showing Off Pregnancy in Magazines

pregnant with twins

Me at 30 weeks pregnant with twins

I've done it, lots of CafeMoms do it, even famously did it. What is it? We all posed with our Demi Moore pregnant bellies exposed in a pubic forum.

I think it's so beautiful.

It's funny though. I posted this photo of myself on Facebook, full twin baby belly exposed, my husband, honey, you put a sexy photo up there.

I told him that I didn't think anyone would find it sexy except for him. And I'm so glad he still finds me sexy.


And if you recall, back in 1991 when Demi's Vanity Fair cover hit the newsstands, some people thought her exposure was a bit much. Which is hilarious because I think it's just because she was naked and pregnant. If she wasn't pregnant it wouldn't be a big deal.

I think more magazines should have covers and photos like the Demi Moore one -- and ESPN The Magazine just launched a Body Issue in honor of all the shapes and sizes of different athletes. And one of the athletes showcased was pregnant!

Jessica Mendoza, a USA softball player, posed with her teammates while 8 and a half months pregnant with her first child. Love it!

What do you think of celebrities posing while pregnant? Do you think bare belly or nude pregnancy photos are too much?


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