10 Ideas for Birth Announcements

birth announcements

Photo by Marmaladeink

Despite the fact that so many of the details of our lives are conducted electronically these days, there still seems to be plenty of interest in birth announcements -- many moms (and I was one) want that tangible, put-it-in-the-mail missive that says: My baby has arrived. (Marmaladeink is responsible for that beautiful specimen above.)

Here's a brief round-up of suggestions -- courtesy of moms in Pregnancy and The CafeMom Newcomers Club -- on where and how to get them done.


10 Fabulous Birth Announcement Ideas

  • Many crafty moms designed their own announcements on a home computer, inserting the pics once baby arrived, then printing and sending them out.
  • One mom recommended a site I love, too -- tinyprints.com. They have a range of beautiful, modern styles.
  • A couple of moms are doing their own design or collaborating with a friend or relative and then letting the local drug store do the printing.
  • Not so sure about the DIY design approach? Several moms suggested VistaPrint.com, a site where you can select a pre-designed template to work with.
  • One mom volunteered that she found some very cute, budget-friendly announcements at Target.
  • A couple of moms said they got their announcements at the hospital -- if there's a company there that snaps "going home" pics of your baby, ask if they do announcements, too.
  • Swoozies.com is another online source -- you can buy cards and do the printing yourself or let them do it; StorkAvenue.com sells printed announcements, and they give you the option of getting envelopes in advance so you can do the addressing before the birth.
  • You can find distinctive announcements on Etsy, too, that divine source for handmade wonderfulness.
  • And instead of doing announcements that were all about the baby, some moms chose to use the birth as an occasion to snap a new family picture and send that out to friends and relatives -- especially if the birth occurred around the holidays.

What about you? Will you do birth announcements? If so, where are you getting them?

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