Popular Baby Names: Does it Affect Your Choice?

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I'm still deciding on names for my twins. I have some strong contenders, but I've got two more months to go...that is, if they don't decide to arrive early! I tend to like unusual baby names, but I'm noticing that some of the names I consider unusual are actually popular.

As far as CafeMom members go, the top five most popular names for boys are Aiden, Jacob, Logan, Noah, and Ethan. For girls it's Isabella, Emma, Olivia, Madison, and Ava.


As a first time mom who doesn't have a lot of friends with kids (before I joined CafeMom, of course), these names don't feel popular to me. I know a lot of Jennifers, Micheles (or Michelles), Michaels, and Davids. But those are people around my age.

And while some people say that an unusual name means other kids will make fun of the name let's consider my name, Michele, which was once so very popular. I got teased a lot on the playground with "Michele you smell" -- kids find a way to tease if they really want to.

Currently, the kids in my friend and family circle have the names Tennessee, Jillian, Juliette, Drea, Angelina, Sophia, Joseph, Cole, Summer, Katie, Adeline, and Zoe.

My sister, Jennifer, was going to name her daughter, who was born in 2007, Sophia. But late in her pregnancy (after the baby shower that featured many items with Sophia on them) she learned that Sophia was a popular name. She named her Tennessee instead. I love both names, but now that T is two, she is definitely not a Sophia -- Tennessee suits her perfectly. She's pregnant again and if it's a boy she was considering Logan...but maybe she won't anymore.

I really like all these names -- the so-called popular names as well as the uncommon ones. What it really comes down to is what name feels like the best fit.

When naming your baby, are you concerned about its popularity or is it a non-issue?


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