Bikini Wax When Pregnant: Is it Safe?


bikini waxHello my name is Michele and I am a bikini wax fanatic. Well, I was. I'm in recovery. But it's only because of pregnancy.

I'm a huge fan of the Brazilian wax and miss feeling all clean and pretty after a spa visit. My third trimester twin belly prevents me from even seeing what's going on down below though, but when I do catch a glimpse...oh how it horrifies me.

When my belly first started growing, I wondered if it was safe for a pregnant woman to get a bikini wax.

It turns out it's perfectly safe. I personally just cannot imagine lying on my back and spreading eagle for a waxer to tend to the hair around my lady parts during pregnancy. I'm already uncomfortable enough.

Some also say it hurts more during pregnancy since there's more blood flowing all around down there. Not that a wax ever feels good....

I had terrible all day nausea during my first trimester. So I didn't want to get it done then.

For most of my second trimester I kind of settled into the 70s jungle look. Then I shaved and was so annoyed with the ingrown hairs. Once it grew back I couldn't justify spending the money to get a wax. I'd rather buy some onesies. See, my priorities are in check!

Now that I'm as big as I am, I'm afraid my body will jerk and disturb the babies or worse, I will pass some gas. (I'm not the only very gaseous pregnant lady, am I?) Though it sure would be nice for my hair to magically disappear in time for the birth.

So is it safe? Yes. Am I rushing to get one? Sadly no.

Have you gotten a bikini wax during your pregnancy?


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is it safe


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RanaA... RanaAurora

I've never had one, period.  Too modest!

tylil... tylilmoma

its safe, but, you are way more sensitive in that area (for obvious reasons) when you are expecting so it will most likely be more painful... just let your esthetician know you are expecting and take two tylenol about 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment...

bluel... bluelady27

I had one done in my second trimester.  I recommend it to every pregnant lady.  It makes you feel less like a whale and a little more sexy.  It does hurt more and kind of sucks because you can't take pain killers.  I enjoyed feeling somewhat pampered after though.

momma... momma_shuler

No! I can't even bring myself to getting one when I'm not pregnant! Ouch! People call me crazy but I PLUCK my Bikini line and then shave the rest. I'm 9 months pregnant now and the plucking has become a lot more difficult, let's just say a handheld mirror is necessary. But I can still make it look pretty down there....halfway :-). And shaving is a pain in the butt now too! But atleast I haven't had to settle into the 70's fro. I have to have that same handheld mirror in the shower with me and have to be squatting to get everything down there....ugg, I can't wait to be able to see my vagina again.

athenax3 athenax3

I've never had a wax, I want to but don't have the nerve to go get it done. I'm almost due now, and dh helps me shave, lol, he seems to love doing it. AFTER the baby though, I would really love to build up the nerve to get waxed- it just sounds uber embarrassing!!!!

katie... katiedid2010

I have waxed regularly for years, and have continued to do so during pregnancy (currently 25 weeks).  Honestly it's not that bad...a few minutes of pain is worth it to me.  And really once you do it a couple times you get over the embarrassment.  I recommend it!

Jessy... Jessy0419

Invest in some clippers and have your SO give your lady parts a buzz.  $30 for a good set of clippers will pay for itself after one shave compared to what you'd pay for a wax.  Also, you can save $ on haircuts for boys (big and little).

bellf... bellflower777

It's totally safe to get waxed while pregnant. I'm an Esthetician and have waxed many-a pregnant woman. It might be a little more tender than when your not pregnant, but will be fine. Just make sure to let your Esthetician know before hand. This way she can make sure the wax isn't too hot. Sometime the wax feels warmer when pregnant also. Get your wax on! =)

imama... imamami05

Id be embarrassed. But would love the feeling and looks afterwards :)

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