Bikini Wax When Pregnant: Is it Safe?

bikini waxHello my name is Michele and I am a bikini wax fanatic. Well, I was. I'm in recovery. But it's only because of pregnancy.

I'm a huge fan of the Brazilian wax and miss feeling all clean and pretty after a spa visit. My third trimester twin belly prevents me from even seeing what's going on down below though, but when I do catch a glimpse...oh how it horrifies me.

When my belly first started growing, I wondered if it was safe for a pregnant woman to get a bikini wax.


It turns out it's perfectly safe. I personally just cannot imagine lying on my back and spreading eagle for a waxer to tend to the hair around my lady parts during pregnancy. I'm already uncomfortable enough.

Some also say it hurts more during pregnancy since there's more blood flowing all around down there. Not that a wax ever feels good....

I had terrible all day nausea during my first trimester. So I didn't want to get it done then.

For most of my second trimester I kind of settled into the 70s jungle look. Then I shaved and was so annoyed with the ingrown hairs. Once it grew back I couldn't justify spending the money to get a wax. I'd rather buy some onesies. See, my priorities are in check!

Now that I'm as big as I am, I'm afraid my body will jerk and disturb the babies or worse, I will pass some gas. (I'm not the only very gaseous pregnant lady, am I?) Though it sure would be nice for my hair to magically disappear in time for the birth.

So is it safe? Yes. Am I rushing to get one? Sadly no.

Have you gotten a bikini wax during your pregnancy?


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