Light Drinking During Pregnancy May Be OK

drinking during pregnancy

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Possible good news for those who question the "total abstinence" view when it comes to consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

A new study from researchers in London, reported on by the BBC, suggests that women who drink a small amount of alcohol while pregnant do not increase their child's risk for behavioral problems. (Light drinking was classified as one or two drinks a week.)

Does this call for a sip of bubbly?


Researchers examined 12,500 moms who either abstained or drank varying degrees of alcohol while pregnant and, later, followed up with their three-year-olds to look for signs of behavioral or learning problems.

For the light drinkers, not only were there no problems, the study even found that those children were at a lower risk for some concerns, like conduct or emotional issues (possibly because the light drinkers tended to be better educated, to come from higher income brackets, and were less likely to have smoked during pregnancy.)

Still, moderation is key -- some experts were concerned that the findings might lull women into a false sense of security, and there's no doubt that fetal alcohol syndrome in cases of sustained heavy drinking is a risk.

2bmom09 asked if it was OK for moms-to-be to have a glass of wine in Answers, and got varied responses.

  • Some moms said definitely not. Why take a chance?
  • Others said, sure, the occasional glass of wine was fine and that they hadn't abstained completely during pregnancy.
  • Others said to talk to your doctor and figure out what's safe and what feels right to you.

What do you think? Are you abstaining completely, or do you think a glass or two while pregnant is OK?

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