Shettles Method: Choosing the Sex of Your Baby

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I've heard that having sex with man on top produces a boy, woman on top makes a girl. I've heard it -- doesn't mean I believe it.

But there are carefully researched methods that say exactly how to have a boy or a girl. One of those is the Shettles Method.

Landrum Brewer Shettles was a biologist and pioneer in IVF. He wrote How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby -- featuring non-invasive methods. Basically outlining when and how to have sex to get a boy or a girl.


According to Shettles, male sperm are more fragile, but they are faster swimmers than female sperm. So to have a boy, sex should occur as close to the time of ovulation as possible. They arrive first since they are faster. And it should be deep penetration since the male sperm is fragile and needs to be as close to the egg as possible.

To have a girl, have sex two to three days before you ovulate. Shallow penetration helps the girl sperm swim up through he acidic areas (where boy sperm may not survive).

And if you have an orgasm, that action supposedly favors male sperm.

Hmm...interesting. My husband and I know when we conceived our twins, who are boy and girl. And we certainly had a lot of sex that week when we knew I was ovulating. And we were even told that our twins were conceived on different days. According to this theory, all our creativity in the bedroom during that week may have enabled us to have a boy and a girl. Or it could have been the yams.

Do you believe in the Shettles Method or other methods to have a boy or girl?


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