Let's Have a Pregnancy Party!


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One thing that is so great about talking with other pregnant women (or even recently pregnant women) is their ability to relate to what I'm going through. We commiserate, sure, but we also help make each other feel better. We just have to make sure we're somewhere where there is more than one bathroom. I know I have to pee all the time it seems!

CafeMom Deania had a great idea that she shared in the Pregnancy group. Have a pregnancy party!


Deania has a few friends that are also pregnant, so the party would be just for them to drink fancy cocktails (minus the alcohol), nosh on yummy food, and compare notes.

I love the idea! But since she's all the way in Arizona and I'm in NYC and you readers are scattered all over the globe, I think we should have a party right here. You know, kind of like my virtual baby shower, but this time, let's each bring something to eat and share a few things about yourself.

Join me at this pregnancy party by answering the same questions I answer below. Hope to "see" you at the bash!

What are you bringing to the party? Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffles!

How pregnant are you and do you know what you are having? I'm 29 weeks, pregnant with boy/girl twins.

How are you feeling at this point in your pregnancy? Tired -- oh so very tired. Also dealing with feet and hands swelling, and starting to get round ligament pain, which I haven't felt since early second trimester. Oh and heartburn. Fun!

Did you have all you need for baby (or babies) arrival? Nope! But I do have some diapers now thanks to Peajewel!

Did you choose baby name(s) yet? I have some strong contenders, but still working it out.

What's your favorite purchase or gift you've gotten for the baby so far? We bought these adorable wall stickers of woodland creatures for the nursery. There's a fox with a moustache and he's my favorite.

Thanks for coming to the party! Can't wait to hear (read) your answers!


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