It's National Midwifery Week

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I'm a little late on this one, regretfully, but this week is National Midwifery Week -- October 4th through the 10th.

So what exactly is a midwife?


A midwife is a trained professional who helps expecting moms during their pregnancy, in the birth of their baby, and also provides postpartum care.

Many are nurse-midwives who offer primary care for women -- gynecological and during menopause -- so they can go beyond pregnancy and birth.

According to Midwifery Today, midwives:

  • trust a woman's power to give birth successfully.
  • are non-interventionists.
  • emphasize good nutrition for their clients, beneficial education, and useful information, natural birth and breastfeeding.
  • are the guardians of normal birth.

What a beautiful profession!

Have you or will you work with a midwife?


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