When Should the Nursery Be Ready?

baby room

Hubs and I in the nursery! It's a start!

Last week my husband and I were in a panic. Yeah, both of us, which is bad because we didn't have one to talk sense into the other. We were looking at our empty nursery. We have not one diaper in the house. And we just entered our third trimester. Oh and we're having twins and can go early.

I called my mom.


She told me that she had nothing before I was born. She didn't even have a baby shower. When she was in the hospital after giving birth, my dad and her best friend went and bought everything needed and set it all up.

I know a lot of people wait until after the baby is born, but I'm a planner and so is my husband. Plus, almost every weekend from now until Thanksgiving is filled with some sort of something, so there really isn't a lot of time. OK deep breaths...I won't panic.

My mom did calm me, and then the next day some magical fairies bought us two cribs, a dresser, and a wardrobe closet. Those magical fairies were my mom and my sister. They didn't want me to stress out. So sweet, right?

Of course I still need a ton of stuff, but it's a start and I'm trying to not freak out about things I shouldn't freak out about. Like...oh, what we are going to name the twins!

Is your nursery ready yet? When do you think everything should be ready?


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