28 Pregnant Women Died from H1N1

Pregnancy 28

swine flu guideswine fluEveryone has their own opinion on the swine flu vaccine, but the CDC has one -- they are urging people to get the H1N1 shot. And their latest statistics say that 28 pregnant women have died after contracting H1N1.

In total, 700 cases of the virus have sprung up in pregnant women since April.

This freaks me out. I don't like hearing about pregnancy deaths when I am pregnant. But I am still not getting the H1N1 vaccine.

Note: This is my choice, and I know you will make your choice on whether or not to get the shot based on your thoughts and beliefs -- not mine.

Of course, it's important to look at why they urge pregnant women to get the shot.

Dr. Manny Alvarez, who is head of maternal fetal medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey says:

  • Pregnancy makes our immune system slower, so a virus like the flu can get serious faster.
  • Also, our respiratory volume changes, so if complications from the flu arise, it is more difficult on the patient, especially if it's something like pneumonia.

Have you changed your mind on the H1N1 vaccine? What are your thoughts?


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auror... aurorabunny

Hey 25 people have died so far from the shot too last I heard...so they're pretty even.  I don't believe that statistic.  Just don't.

And good for you for still not getting the shot.

KatieP. KatieP.

so sick of the hype. how many pregnant women have died of the regular flu? and how many are going to die of the vaccine? no I'm not getting it, as a scientist I KNOW they simply haven't had the time to properly test it.

RoniV RoniV

I also am not getting the H1N1 vaccine. I talked with my doctor about it, brought up my concerns, and she says she is also not pushing it to patients because despite everyone saying it is safe, she has not seen enough actual documentation to support this. Luckily I work from home so I don't have to go out often, but when we do my family will just do our best to avoid getting sick and pray for the best.

RanaA... RanaAurora

From what I've read, to save ONE life would take one million vaccinations against it.  However, in those million, at least 20 would DIE from the vaccine ITSELF.  To summarize, you're more likely to die from the vaccine itself than be saved by it.

brync... bryncalyn

I am not getting the shot. I don't believe it has been tested well. If people get the regular flu after getting the flu shot, who is to say you will be protected after taking the H1N1 flu shot?

athenax3 athenax3

I'm pregnant- I want no part of this vax- period. In my mind it's not nearly had enough time to be sure of what the outcome of this vax will be, and frankly- the regular flu can be deadly as well and I've never gotten that shot either- the statistics and the scare tactics just don't add up to me, and I'm not generally a conspiracy theorist kind of woman, however, I and my family will be taking a pass on this vax.

AmyTu... AmyTuteurMD

No, no one has died from the H1N1 vaccine. 25 people died in 1976 when 40 million people were vaccinated against a different flu.

The "perfect storm" in the world of influenza viruses is when a virus that is particularly deadly comes in contact with a virus that can easily be transmitted from one human being to another. When that happens, the result can be a new virus that is particularly deadly and is now contagious.

The new H1N1 variant of influenza is a "perfect storm" virus. It has the three deadly characteristics that we would expect in such a virus: it is new, so people are not immune to it; it can cause severe illness and death; and it is contagious from person to person.

H1N1 is here, and it is a particularly deadly form of influenza. It can be passed person to person. We know from history that similar viruses have killed 10 of millions of people in one epidemic. We also know that vaccination is the only way to prevent the flu. That's why the CDC recommends vaccination.

neonds13 neonds13

I would like to know where those "supposed" 28 pregnant women were living....  Was it here in the US?  I would think that if it was it would be plastered all over the local news, newspapers, magazines, ect.  However, this is the first I have heard of this.  And too, if this were true (which in my opinion, I highly doubt) I would like to know more about these pregnant women - about their backgrounds, lifestyle, living situation (i.e. poor, mid-class, rich), and what kinds of other health conditions they may have had (other than being pregnant) that the H1N1 virus may have complicated overall ending in their deaths.  There seem to be A LOT of unanswered questions when it comes to all the deaths that the Swine Flu has "supposedly" caused and/or been blamed for.

AmyTu... AmyTuteurMD

"There seem to be A LOT of unanswered questions when it comes to all the deaths that the Swine Flu has "supposedly" caused and/or been blamed for."

Don't be confused. The fact that you don't know the answers does not mean that the answers are unknown.

The 28 pregnant American women who died since May were otherwise healthy. The have been 700 documented cases of H1N1 among pregnant women during that time. 100 women ended up in the ICU and 28 died.

Pregnant women are especially vulnerable for two reasons. First, pregnancy weakens the immune system making pregnant women more susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Second, the complications of this flu are often lung complications, and the large uterus of pregnancy pushes against the lungs making it harder to ensure that pregnant women whose lungs are compromised can get adequate oxygen.

What makes this flu especially worrisome is that unlike typical flu, which poses the greatest threat to the elderly, this flu appears to pose the greatest threat to children and pregnant women who are otherwise healthy.

auror... aurorabunny

Sorry I don't believe for one second that no one has died from THIS swine flu shot.  It's just a conspiracy. 

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