Are Friendships Affected During Pregnancy?


Me, Gretchen, and Jenn

at another friend's wedding in July

Most of my closest friends that I see on a daily basis do not have children. Key words there are "daily basis." The friends I have who do have kids I don't see as much, however a lot of them live further away from me as well.

It got me worried.

Are my relationships with my friends going to be affected the later I get in my pregnancy? Will they be affected even more once the babies arrive?


My friendships are very important to me. Last week I had some friends over and again, just the other night, some other girl friends who couldn't make it last week came over for dinner. We talked, laughed, they felt my twins kick, we ate the cookies I baked, got the dirt from a friend who met a new guy, watched Real Housewives of Atlanta -- it was a great night.

I had considered cancelling on them because I just wasn't feeling so great -- I was really cranky -- and thought it would be better to just be in my PJs on the couch with my hubs and cats. But then my friend Jenn had sent me a Facebook message saying how our hang-out coincided with the premiere of Tardy for the Party on Real Housewives and knew it wasn't a coincidence. It made me realize...I need this. I need these women in my life. They cheer me up. And they did.

They have all adjusted their schedules to hang out with me -- no more late nights drinking cocktails like we used to -- and I really hope that continues after my twins are born. They are going to be such great aunties -- and they already are such great friends.

Are you worried about your friendships after your baby (or babies) are born? Particularly if your friends don't have kids.


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