Woman Blogs About Her Miscarriage

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Some people are very private; others don't mind sharing it all. But with social networking, blogging, Twitter, and other outlets for the whole world to see, is there such a thing as sharing too much?

One woman, Penelope Trunk, a 42 year-old single mom, blogged about her miscarriage and it created quite a stir.

It wasn't just that she shared her loss that rattled people -- she wrote that she was relieved for having lost her baby so she wouldn't have to have an abortion.

Her actual tweet was "I'm in a board meeting having a miscarriage. Thank goodness because there's a f#*ked-up 3-week hoop jump to have an abortion in Wisconsin."

There's a lot more to the story....


Trunk has a post on her blog, Brazen Careerist, about the tweet that caused such a stir.

Here are some excerpts from her blog:

Throughout history, the way women have gained control of the female experience is to talk about what is happening, and what it's like. We see that women's lives are more enjoyable, more full, and women are more able to summon resilience when women talk openly about their lives.

To all of you who said I should not be happy about having a miscarriage: You are the ones short on empathy. Any woman who is pregnant but wishes she weren’t would of course be grateful when she has a miscarriage. Yes, there are many women who want the baby and have a miscarriage. I was one of them. I cried for days. I get it.

But if you have ever had an abortion, which I have, you would know that a miscarriage is preferable to an abortion. Even the Pope would agree with that.

What do you think? Is this too personal a topic to blog or tweet about? Or does it just depend on the person -- if they are willing and want to share, they should share? 


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