I Went on the Hospital Tour

hospitalFor some reason I was way too excited to go on the hospital tour. My hubs was too. But it was weird...when we got there and waited for it to start in a room full of others who were about to embark on the tour as well, everyone seemed cranky.

The guide was a sweetheart of a woman who also is one of the hospital's lactation consultants. One of the dads asked her what lactation meant.

But I was the annoying person who asked the most questions.

And I was also the only one who cried when we saw the babies in the nursery. They were so cute!


I really like the private LDR rooms -- labor/delivery/recovery room. You get to stay there for up to two hours after birth with baby. (Note: All delivery rooms are private.) There is a CD player so you can hook up your iPod or bring music to play during your delivery. I'm planning my birth soundtrack now. The guide also encouraged us to bring a balance ball from home if we had one.

Did I mention how much I loved the guide? She was so encouraging telling us that almost all the twins recently delivered were full term.

One thing I didn't like though were the semi-private rooms -- it's where they move you after LDR. There is only about two feet from one bed to the next. Sure there's a curtain, but talk about tight quarters! And if you are the unlucky one who does not get the window side of the room, it feels even more cramped.

I tried to make a joke about how December is a slow month for births. The guide joked back saying that full moons and storms often bring women to labor, so it depends. It was a tough crowd...no one else smiled.

So the semi-private rooms...here is what bothered me -- my husband cannot stay overnight. There are three private rooms offered on a first-come first-serve basis. And it's extra money per night. He could stay if I got one of those, but not if I got a semi-private room.

I mentioned this to both my sister and a friend (who are already mommies) and they both said the same thing -- you may want the time alone. Plus, daddy can get some proper rest at home and I'll be busy breastfeeding through the night. Made me feel a little better, though it sure would be nice to have a private room.

Have you gone on a hospital tour yet? Are you concerned about the private/semi-private rooms?


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