My Feet Have Grown!

knee high black boots

Photo from Zappos

Bastien Cabrice boot

Every morning it's the same thing -- after agonizing over what to wear (because I'm very limited in what fits my pregnant body) I do my best to shove my sausages (aka feet) into my boots.

Once I clear the ankle, my boot still fits fine, but some days it's a real struggle. And forget about getting them off. If my husband isn't home to pull them off for me, the process involves sweat, lots of grunting, and me nearly giving up before I finally get them off.


These boots are the only boots that fit right now, except my sandals but it's getting too chilly for those.

I bought a pair the other week thinking they would be suitable, but I was thinking with my non-pregnant mind and once I wore them for a full day my pregnant mind yelled at me. They are three-inch wedges. I clearly cannot think rationally right now.

I need a new pair, about a half or whole size larger, with a one inch heel at most. And after Kim's post on Uggs, or knock-off Uggs, it made me think about Uggs.

Ugh...I kind of hate the way they look on me. Though Kim says they are like slippers. Oh how I love my slippers. But Uggs? I don't know if I can do it. They might be too out of my style comfort zone. And I can't sacrifice my personal style. I already feel ugly enough as it is...some days, not all. Today. Yes.

Let me just put it out there that I don't like they way flats look on me. Love any cute shoes, but I am just not a flat shoe wearer. I'm not in stilettos all the time, but I am almost always in some sort of heel even if it's just one inch. I'm more comfortable this way. I know. I know. It is what it is.

So I'm looking for a boot, a cute boot, one I can wear with jeans or leggings and even a dress, but that's also sensible to get my piggly, swollen, fat pregnant feet through the day and hopefully the rest of my twin pregnancy. I'm due in December.

Tall order? Yep. They must be knee or mid calf high and I'll do black, grey, or brown.


knee high rugged boots

Photo by Zappos

Timberland Pull On

mid calf flat boots

Photo by Zappos

mid-calf Vigotti boot













I have a gift certificate for Zappos, so I'm trying to buy from there. See my choices?

  • Bastien Cabrice tall black boot -- they have a zipper down each side for easy in and out. Kind of have that equestrian look I love.
  • Timberland Stephania Pull-On Boot in brown -- said to be super comfortable and they are rugged, yet still cute. No zipper, but I think it should be OK.
  • Vigotti Prema mid-calf brown boots -- lower boot shaft makes it easier to navigate, they even have a zip down side, and they look like boots I would normally wear...if there was a three-inch heel attached.
  • And you all know what Uggs look like.

Have your feet grown during pregnancy? What boots do you think I should buy? Also any other suggestions are welcome.


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