Man Who Lost Twins to Miscarriage Tries IVF Again

IVF pregnant manEarlier this year, a man from Spain announced he was pregnant with twins via IVF. Twenty-six year-old Ruben Noe Coronado Jimenez  was born a female, but has lived life as a male since 18, removing his breasts, but his female reproductive system stayed intact. 

Jimenez suffered a miscarriage at 18 weeks back in May. But now he and his 43 year-old girlfriend, who cannot have children, are trying again.


"We were devastated at losing our twins," he told the Telegraph. "It took us many weeks to get over our loss, but we're determined to try again for a new baby."

America's pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, is also a transsexual who had two children, however through two separate pregnancies.

Jimenez found a fertility clinic in Barcelona who helped prepare his atrophied uterus for IVF. The sperm was from a donor bank.

He says that once the baby is born, he will undergo surgery for a full gender -- he will be the father, his girlfriend will be the mother.

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