Taylor's Birth Story: A Practically Perfect Natural Birth

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It's always great when a birth turns out exactly how you imagined it would be. But even "perfect" births have unexpected twists and turns. Taylor, aka RozyMama wrote one such story in a recent Journal post:

"On June 10, I woke up feeling like today was the day that I needed to tie up some loose ends. It was sunny and hot. I took my sweet time getting ready and out of the house, putting my makeup on on the couch while I watched The Price is Right. It was early afternoon before we hit the road. 

"After an exhausting day at the post office and book store to get some baby books, I was filled with a nervous energy that I can now attribute to the beginnings of labor. I was starting to feel crampy and was having frequent contractions, which I assumed to be Braxton Hicks since I'd been having them regularly since about 15 weeks. My husband and I ventured on, finally ending up at Babies R Us for the one thing I simply couldn't live without: a diaper pail.

"As we walked out of Babies R Us, I said to my husband, "We can have the baby now.  We have a diaper pail." We both laughed, oblivious.

"At home, we watched TV in bed. It was storming, and I was feeling decidedly uncomfortable. My heart began to thud with excitement and anxiety as it became apparent that my contractions were regular -- 3 to 4 minutes apart, a minute long.

"Around 12:30, I finally knew what women meant when they say about labor, "you'll just know." I woke up my groggy husband and told him I was ready to move. He said, "move where?" I resisted the sudden urge to say "WHERE THE !@#$% DO YOU THINK?!" and remained calm and polite ... I think. 

"I checked in at labor and delivery and met my nurse, Angie, and talked to her about my plans to have a completely drug-free, natural delivery. She turned out to be an angel. For several hours I labored around the room, occasionally getting in bed to be monitored. I used the whirlpool, which was a beautiful, wonderful relief. After about 30 minutes, I suddenly felt the strongest contraction yet, and felt a distinct pop and a gush that could only mean one thing.

"The nurse came in. She noticed meconium in the water. Meconium, the baby's first stool, is not dangerous when passed after birth. But expelling it in utero, where the infant can inhale it into its lungs, can be fatal. She told me to get out of the tub immediately ... "

To read the rest of RozyMama's birth story, see her full Journal post.

What was your birth like? Complications? Drama? Please share!

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trelimon trelimon

sounds beautiful. i too had to push when there was no dr. on the floor. breathing through the need to push is very hard especially when your body does it even with out you wanting too. by the time the dr. breezed in the water bag was showing, she popped it, and then 2 pushes later my son was born.

KatieP. KatieP.

Pretty much the same except my midwife was there pretty much the whole time and she rubbed oils there so I didn't rip or tear at all... And according to my sister I actually was "the quiet type" O and I hated my nurse and she kept trying to make me lay down to be monitored after the water broke which I did NOT like and ended up tearing off the monitoring stuff since she did not come back in for a while even when I pushed the button lol. But even if the doctor wasn't there when I wanted to push I think I would have anyways. I didn't give a crap at that point.

Punky... Punkylu78

I had a wonderful nurse for both of my deliveries! The first one even stayed almost 4 hrs past her quiting time for me! And she was so helpful with telling me everything I need to do and helped me breath......she was more help to me then my guy! lol :) And my second nurse was just as great and helpful to me! I had beautiful deliveries with both of my babies. The only thing I would have changed is being induced.....I was induced with both of mine and I would have really like to experience "going into labor". If I do decided to have another baby I will do my best not to be induced!

Kimra Kimra

i did try for a natural birth...i had an EXTREMELY long labor, it wasn't hard or painful...i started labor at a birthing center...after 48 hours of birthing with contractions only a few minutes apart and staying dilated to 6 cm for over 20 of those hours i decided to get an epidural...but it wasn't for pain, it was for sleep...once i was able to sleep i dilated and pushed my baby out in only a few minutes time...i'm so grateful i started labor at the birth center because if i would have started in the hospital i would have had an unneccessary c-section because at hospitals they don't allow you to birth for more than 24 hours time...i'm going to try for a natural again next time, and hopefully i'll be successful

jenni... jenni_michelle

How wonderful!! More women need to here about natural childbirth! The 2nd time was a charm for me! I planned on going natural in a hospital with my first son and after 12 hours of natural labor and no progress ended up getting pitocin and the epidural. I then went another 10 hours before delivering my son.

With my second i opted for a birthing center and midwife, which now in hindsight can really make a difference! My second labor was only 4 hours long from start to finish. It was the most amazing experience ever! It was not painful, like some woman say!

tyrel... tyrelsmom

My third was the only one I really feel I gave birth to, my first two were born by c-section.  Mine, too, was "almost natural".  After almost 24 hours of labor, and only 2 cm, I got a small shot of morphine before they sent me home, to give me a little break from the intensity of the pain. But it had long worn off before I gave birth. 

I had to wait for my husband AND the doctor when I felt i needed to push.  My husband was outside parking the car.  That's what I get for showing back up at the hospital almost ready to push, lol.  I waited for my husband.  And kind of waited for the doctor.  I didn't push hard before she came, at least.  My daughter was born after  maybe 15 minutes, less I think, once I could really settle down to business.  I didn't have any issues pushing the placenta out.  But we delayed cord clamping for a little while, so it was smaller.  Seriously, it just slid out without a problem.

Next time I plan to go completely natural.  But if it's just similar to the last one that's ok, too.  I trust myself to make the right decisions, even while in labor.  Despite how long the labor was, and how painful, I was in complete control of my faculties at all times.  I'll know what I need and what I don't.

Joyan... JoyandLove

I pray mines goes that well.

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