Taylor's Birth Story: A Practically Perfect Natural Birth

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It's always great when a birth turns out exactly how you imagined it would be. But even "perfect" births have unexpected twists and turns. Taylor, aka RozyMama wrote one such story in a recent Journal post:

"On June 10, I woke up feeling like today was the day that I needed to tie up some loose ends. It was sunny and hot. I took my sweet time getting ready and out of the house, putting my makeup on on the couch while I watched The Price is Right. It was early afternoon before we hit the road. 


"After an exhausting day at the post office and book store to get some baby books, I was filled with a nervous energy that I can now attribute to the beginnings of labor. I was starting to feel crampy and was having frequent contractions, which I assumed to be Braxton Hicks since I'd been having them regularly since about 15 weeks. My husband and I ventured on, finally ending up at Babies R Us for the one thing I simply couldn't live without: a diaper pail.

"As we walked out of Babies R Us, I said to my husband, "We can have the baby now.  We have a diaper pail." We both laughed, oblivious.

"At home, we watched TV in bed. It was storming, and I was feeling decidedly uncomfortable. My heart began to thud with excitement and anxiety as it became apparent that my contractions were regular -- 3 to 4 minutes apart, a minute long.

"Around 12:30, I finally knew what women meant when they say about labor, "you'll just know." I woke up my groggy husband and told him I was ready to move. He said, "move where?" I resisted the sudden urge to say "WHERE THE !@#$% DO YOU THINK?!" and remained calm and polite ... I think. 

"I checked in at labor and delivery and met my nurse, Angie, and talked to her about my plans to have a completely drug-free, natural delivery. She turned out to be an angel. For several hours I labored around the room, occasionally getting in bed to be monitored. I used the whirlpool, which was a beautiful, wonderful relief. After about 30 minutes, I suddenly felt the strongest contraction yet, and felt a distinct pop and a gush that could only mean one thing.

"The nurse came in. She noticed meconium in the water. Meconium, the baby's first stool, is not dangerous when passed after birth. But expelling it in utero, where the infant can inhale it into its lungs, can be fatal. She told me to get out of the tub immediately ... "

To read the rest of RozyMama's birth story, see her full Journal post.

What was your birth like? Complications? Drama? Please share!

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