You're Invited to My Baby Shower!

baby shower

Photo by number1mom1804

Great diaper cake!

I know my mom and sister are at work planning my baby shower, or should I say babies shower for my boy and girl twinners. I'm so excited -- I love parties!

So I thought, why not have my very own shower, right here on CafeMom -- a virtual shower, so all my CafeMoms friends can come celebrate with me.


Instead of a physical gift, I want your advice. Sorry I'm such a demanding hostess of my own babies shower, but your knowledge is needed.

I want to know what your must-have baby items are or any words of wisdom you can share. Oh and if there are any mamas of multiples, please let me know anything you think can help me.


baby shower gifts

Photo by pumpkinhaus

Cutie booties!

baby shower gifts

Photo by flutterby5429

I love this hat!










And of course, I'm supplying some virtual cupcakes -- hmm how about some mac and cheese cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, and a non-alcoholic watermelon punch? Better come early or I'll eat it all. 

Hope you can come to my babies shower! If you want to participate, share your virtual gift below!

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