Unusual Baby Names

unusual baby names

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I like unusual baby names. With the exception of something cruel like Vagina or Adolf Hitler. Though if you like the name Adolf that's fine. Just don't middle name him Hitler.

But at the same time, who I am to tell anyone what to name their child?

Yet people like to snicker and even say things in a weird tone like "Oh that's different" and the problem there is that it makes the mom feel bad.

So what do we do here?


There are two names that I absolutely love but they are now no longer being considered for my twins. Otto for my boy; Nova for my girl. (Go on, hate on them if you wish.)

Oh I so love those names.

If I wasn't with my husband, their names would be chosen. Of course, if I wasn't with my husband I wouldn't have twins on the way either.

It's so hard to agree.

I told some of my close friends and family of the names Otto and Nova when they were still being considered and got mixed reactions. Some good, but a lot of silence, followed by a response of the standard, "Oh that's different." Never a good sign.

One couple I know didn't share the name of their daughter until after she was born because they said they wanted to avoid hearing negative comments. I can respect and appreciate that. But at the same time, if people are going to think something negative about a name, they will still think it. Maybe not say it once the child is born, but the thought is still there. 

If you are considering an unusual name, would you rather hear the comments before the child is born? Or are you keeping it a secret so you can avoid hearing anything negative? What do you think of unusual names?


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