Unusual Baby Names

unusual baby names

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I like unusual baby names. With the exception of something cruel like Vagina or Adolf Hitler. Though if you like the name Adolf that's fine. Just don't middle name him Hitler.

But at the same time, who I am to tell anyone what to name their child?

Yet people like to snicker and even say things in a weird tone like "Oh that's different" and the problem there is that it makes the mom feel bad.

So what do we do here?

There are two names that I absolutely love but they are now no longer being considered for my twins. Otto for my boy; Nova for my girl. (Go on, hate on them if you wish.)

Oh I so love those names.

If I wasn't with my husband, their names would be chosen. Of course, if I wasn't with my husband I wouldn't have twins on the way either.

It's so hard to agree.

I told some of my close friends and family of the names Otto and Nova when they were still being considered and got mixed reactions. Some good, but a lot of silence, followed by a response of the standard, "Oh that's different." Never a good sign.

One couple I know didn't share the name of their daughter until after she was born because they said they wanted to avoid hearing negative comments. I can respect and appreciate that. But at the same time, if people are going to think something negative about a name, they will still think it. Maybe not say it once the child is born, but the thought is still there. 

If you are considering an unusual name, would you rather hear the comments before the child is born? Or are you keeping it a secret so you can avoid hearing anything negative? What do you think of unusual names?


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Punky... Punkylu78

I wish I had kept some of them names to myself b/c what people said did kinda bring me down on a few of the names but for the most part I really didnt care what people thought of my babies names.....

And I like your names......I really LOVE Nova!

ethan... ethans_momma06

I admit...I DO like Nova...easy to say and spell and not so unusual that she will be ostracized for life. And hey, it SOUNDS pretty! Now...I could like Otto...but it reminds me of that show on Noggin...you know the one with the Octopus...

My biggest desicion when deciding a name was how it was going to affect my child for the rest of their life. If it was a GOOD reaction then it wouldn't really matter what the name was, aslong as DH and I liked it. Ofcourse...while we conjectured about what to name DS....we didn't make it official until his big debute!

Good luck, once you see them- you'll know you made the right decision and you will LOVE saying their names every day.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Nova was on my list of girl names this time around! :)  Otto either makes me think of the Simpsons (bus driver Otto?) or of Otto Octavios (Doctor Octopus) on Spiderman.

A far as names go, I like more unique names, but WITHOUT making it look like I smashed my face on the keyboard and named my kid whatever came out.  I also strongly dislike unique spellings (sorry Michele!).

shawn... shawneewaiting

I hate the way people are about names, I would be much more embarrassed to have my kids be the 10 billionth Jennifer or Christopher (Sorry to anybody with those names) than to come up with something less common. I am pregnant with a boy who will be named Cruz and I have heard quite a few negative comments and if he would have been a girl the name was going to be Ever which I absolutely love! But again I got a lot of negative remarks about it. Next time I will try to keep the names under wraps because once the name is attached to a precious little face people forget to care about it.

tippy... tippymorgan08

I'm a fan of unique names. Our firstborn's name is Talan. Baby #2, arriving in October, is a little girl and her name will be Aniela (pronounced Ann-yell-a).

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

Love Otto and Nova! I kept our name a secret until my daughter was born. I figure someone will always say something you don't want to hear and if you ultimately name your kid(s) that, who wants to know that so-and-so hates it?

tyrel... tyrelsmom

To tell you the truth Otto makes me think of the guy on Spiderman.  And because of that, it would be off of my list.  Nova I really like.  I tend to go with less common but not totally unique names.  Although people have told me that my daughter Cheyanne's name is unique.  I've heard it before, though, so I dunno.  I just liked it, and so did DH, and that's amazing right there.  We generally spend the entire pregnancy agonizing over names because we just cannot agree.

athenax3 athenax3

I like unique names, while dh is more of the traditional name type so we tend to compromise. I'm due in four weeks with a boy, and we're naming him Vance- we love it, he loves it and I love it- which is rare, we almost never both LOVE something, lol. Some people have expressed distaste for the name, mostly on cm (mean women) and at first it did upset me, but then I thought f- em- who are they? NOT the momma to this baby, that's who! And his name will be Vance Alan (no not Van Halen, lol) Alan is my fathers middle name.

And just as a side note, I've learned that even if I don't like a name, I should shut up and keep it to myself (unless like you said it's Hitler or something equally cruel). I had a friend many years ago who was intent on naming her dd Babette- ugh how I hated it, but I have to admit, once she had that baby, no other name in the world would have suited her better, and now thanks to the lovely association of that beautiful wonderful little girl I think the name is pretty cool.

Joyan... JoyandLove

I try to search for unique names when choosing one for my kids.

megin... meginka11

i love those names! we are naming our son sylis!  normal names are soo boring

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