5 Tricks for Comfort Late in Pregnancy, Learn the Stages of Labor: Links I Love

pregnancy pain

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You're nearing the end of your pregnancy journey. Congratulations! Though this time is magical, it can also be uncomfortable. It's hard to sit at certain angles and your baby has probably dropped so it feels like you've got a bowling ball wedged up there. But don't worry, you're almost there!

Here are some end-of-pregnancy links I love:


5 tricks to make mama-to-be more comfortable in late pregnancy. — Lil Sugar

Natural cures for pregnancy aches and pains. — Yahoo! Shine

7 ways to enjoy the end of your pregnancy. — Babyzone

Yes, childbirth is painful, but, according to a study, it strengthens the maternal bond. — Cookie

Learn what happens in each stage of labor. Parenting

What it feels like when baby's about to make his debut.  — Lil Sugar

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