Baby Bargains: A Must Read Resource

baby bargainsI was talking to a breastfeeding mom about electric pumps and she told me the one she uses, but also said that I should check out the book Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields -- an invaluable resource on everything you need for your baby registry and to prep for baby's arrival.

I eat books. Well, only chocolate covered ones. So of course, I picked up a copy.

One of the best things I ever bought!


This easy guide is broken down into categories like strollers, feeding, cribs, and high chairs, and then shares information about the brands in each. I learned the cribs I really wanted for my twins were not recommended because of a space between the mattress and the bars -- something that I didn't find online. I switched choice of cribs, of course, and was able to still stay in my budget.

The book helps you make the best decision for your budget and needs. There's even an eco-friendly section and information on the best baby stores in America.

I found it to be a really great resource for me...a first-time mom-to-be of twins...and my sister, who is due early next year with her second baby, is really finding it helpful as well.

You can order Baby Bargains directly from their website for $14.95, but it's also available at major book retailers. Oh and get this...if you don't find the book helpful, they will refund your money!

Have you read Baby Bargains? Is there any other book you'd like to recommend?


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