Haunted House When Pregnant: Is it Safe?

haunted houseThere are these ads for the scariest haunted house in NYC in the subways and oh yes, it looks super spooky -- like heart beating out of chest spooky.

But I'm in my last week of my second trimester and don't think that being frightened out of my wits is a good idea right now.

Is it safe? It depends.


If the haunted house is one for children, meaning something extremely mild in the scare factor, then it should be fine. But the later you are in your pregnancy paired with the intensity of a professional haunted house could be cause for concern.

Aside from being frightened, raising your blood pressure, along with your baby's, and the anxiety and distress that could cause pre-term labor, there are other factors to consider (as if that wasn't enough):

  • The darkness and tripping over something you cannot see. (I know my balance is certainly off.)
  • Loud startling noises can also affect the baby.
  • Smoke or fog machines are not healthy to breathe in.
  • They are often crowded and people push and shove -- could be dangerous.

I watched a scary movie with a few girl friends a few weeks ago and I have to say it got my heart pumping way too much for me and the twins to handle. I would be cautious and say to skip the haunted house this year if you are pregnant.

Will you still go into a haunted house during pregnancy?


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