Pregnant Woman Gets Pregnant Again!

pregnant woman pregnant againThis morning my husband called me to his computer to show me a news report he found about a pregnant woman getting pregnant again.

We're having twins and while I'm 26 weeks along, we still joke about what if we got pregnant again when we have sex. It's not a funny haha joke.

I was told my twins were conceived on different days -- granted only two or three days apart the doctors seem to think -- but still different days, yet they are still twins. It's called superfetation. My husband likes to think it was his super sperm.

But this Arkansas woman, Julia Grovenberg, had two and a half weeks between the two conceptions. Still, why wasn't I that impressed?


I'll blame my hormones. I think it's fantastic, yes. Fascinating? Absolutely. And now that I'm thinking about it more, two and a half weeks could affect the birth day. Will they be born on the same day? Is there a risk to the younger baby?

A specialist told me of a woman who birthed one twin one day, but the other twin wasn't ready. She went home and delivered that twin a couple of weeks later. But does that still make them twins? Technically, in my non-medical opinion, I would say yes.

ABC News interviewed some doctors on getting pregnant during pregnancy and they all agreed that it is a rare occurrence considering the two and a half weeks of time, but also say that many twins are conceived on different days, days closer together like in my case, yet it's not reported or studied.

OK, I'm impressed. I think it's beautiful whenever any baby is conceived and I hope all goes well with the Grovenberg's pregnancy and delivery. Those siblings will have quite the story to tell someday.

What do you think of this pregnant woman getting pregnant again?


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