Cute Maternity Halloween Costumes

cute maternity costumes halloween

Photo by o0laurie.love0o

Last week I wondered if scary maternity halloween costumes for us pregnant ladies was too much. So far all of you thought I should go for it.

But in case you wanted to go the cute maternity Halloween costume route, I have more ideas!


o0laurie.love0o painted a pumpkin on her belly when she was pregnant for Halloween two years ago. Adorable!

cute maternity costumes

Photo from Extreme Halloween

And there are more CafeMoms who have some great ideas for pregnant Halloween costumes:

  • Mother nature --paint your belly as the Earth or just wear a blue or green dress with a garland of leaves and branches around your head
  • Painting belly as soccer ball, basketball, baseball...and wearing uniform to match.
  • Bumble bee
  • Gypsy...paint a crystal ball on your belly
  • A man with a beer gut (Ha! OK, maybe not so "cute")
  • Pregnant nun
  • And the site Extreme Halloween has some more ideas including this Bun in the Oven costume. Your SO can go as the "bun maker."

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Will you go the scary or cute route?



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