Scary Maternity Halloween Costumes

scary maternity halloween costumes

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Halloween may be one of my most favorite days of the year, second only to Thanksgiving because I love stuffing and gravy so much. But Halloween! I dress up every year.

My birthday happens to fall two days after, so if I have a get-together, it's often Halloween-themed. Last year I had a 70s costume party and the year before I dressed up as a car hop who had been run over -- blood, guts, tire tracks, and all.

I tend to like the gory costumes and I was reading a post in the Stay at Home Moms Group (must be member to view) about how she too liked the blood and guts aspect of it and wondered if pregnant women should tone it down for Halloween. Would it offend?


For instance, what if a pregnant woman wanted to make a costume with a bloody alien coming out of her belly? (A friend of mine told me about her friend who did this.) 

Or should a witch costume be the furthest she should take it?

What do you think about scary maternity costumes?


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