BabyDiego Baby Spa: Take It or Leave It?

changing table and tub in one


tub and changing table in one

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Here's one product I would love to have tried when my daughter was a baby. It's a waist-high baby tub that converts into a changing table. Check out the details and let me know what you think.


Item: BabyDiego Baby Spa

Cost: $99

What it does: It's a changing table and bathtub in one. You just flip back the soft changing pad and the tub is underneath. It's designed with two positions to allow an infant to lie down or a toddler to sit up.  You can use it for babies 0-24 months up to 30 pounds. It comes in blue, pink, and beige.

Pros: You can comfortably bathe your baby without bending over. It has a long flexible drain tube so you can drain the tub without having to lift a heavy tub. It saves room (the entire thing folds up for easy storage too). It has caddy compartments for toys and bathing supplies and lower storage space. It's PBA-, phthalate-, and lead-free.

What do you think?


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