HypnoBirthing: Would You Try It?

hypnobirthMy doula gave me the book HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method, which is being called the new Lamaze, allowing birthing moms to go into a natural and deep state of relaxation, taking fear and pain out of labor.

Sounds good to me. I've been reading ...


... and I love it.

I'm already a believer in meditation and breathing exercises in times of stress, and I personally get every side effect listed and some not listed when I take any kind of medication, even over-the-counter. It's important to me to have the best birth experience that I can, and for me that means trying to avoid drugs.

I've got twins coming, and I realize things may not go according to my birth plan. We've got a plan B and C, too. But no matter how I birth, the power of relaxation could help. (My kids would probably be happier too if I am able to birth them without screaming my head off.)

HypnoBirthing starts during pregnancy -- the practices in the book are helping me prepare my mind and body. And there's nothing this mama-to-be needs more than some relaxation (when I can get it).

There are four HypnoBirthing Techniques:

  • Breathing -- both during pregnancy and birth
  • Relaxation -- incorporates breathing and massage
  • Visualization -- allows your mind to be calm and your body will follow
  • Deepening -- takes all of the above and allows you to release further into total relaxation

So why try HypnoBirth or incorporate any elements of it into your birth plan? The book brings up an important point: "If the mind is dwelling on fearful, negative images of birth, the body is thrown unintentionally into a defense mode. The physical response then become the antithesis to normal birthing -- tension."

Are you interested in HypnoBirth or any kind of breathing and relaxation techniques for labor?


Has anyone tried the HypnoBirthing Method?

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