Swollen Ankles & Legs? I've Got a Solution

sculptz shapewear swollen ankles

Photo from Sculptz

Being pregnant is beautiful,  but it certainly comes with some cases of ugly. One case is swollen ankles and pale as can be legs, and I'm lucky if I even shave. I mean, my husband is lucky.

Pre-pregnancy I was a fan of shapewear -- underthings that keep any jigglies at bay and smooths me out under a tight dress.

Turns out shapewear can also be a pregnant woman's best friend.


OK, anything tight around the belly is not going to happen. But Sculptz makes thigh highs and knee high trouser socks that will certainly do the trick. What's also great is that you don't have to buy maternity tights or stockings that you won't be wearing after pregnancy. You can wear these anytime and the price is right.

Sculptz has two types of their 3-pair pack of thigh highs for $21.99 -- colors include nude, black, and sheer white. The trouser socks start at $9.79 for a 2-pair pack and come in opaque and sheer black, along with nude.

Both the thigh highs and trouser socks actually help with compression on swollen ankles and calves to help increase circulation. Plus, they make your lower legs look great.

Now we just have to get Sculptz to make more colors!

Great idea, don't you think?


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