How Can I Orgasm When Giving Birth?

orgasm birthI love an orgasm as much as anyone though it's sort of the last thing on my mind when I'm thinking about birth. But it shouldn't be.

An orgasm equals pleasure -- and it doesn't have to be sexual, it can be a feeling of intense excitement. And the pleasure of seeing my twins for the first time is probably going to be the best feeling I can ever feel. But! There are hormonal surges that can happen during birth that can be orgasmic -- different than a sexual orgasm.

An anonymous mom-to-be really wants to know how to have one of those.


I think in order to have an orgasmic birth, there cannot be drugs involved and you must totally surrender to the feeling. Kind of like the breathing and no fear exercises in HypnoBirthing.

Some moms thought orgasmic birth was perverted. Others supported it. Here is a sampling of those who believe in orgasmic birth:

  • As a woman is confident in birth and in herself, she has full trust in surrender. If she is totally comfortable, then it might happen. But it can not be forced.
  • I don't think it's the same as a sexual one, but similar. It's like your body and mind are just overwhelmed with the sensations and hormones. Natural birth is wonderful, but I didn't have an O.
  • Every woman's body will respond differently to labor. The same hormones are produced during sex and labor, so it is very possible that birth will be pleasurable, even orgasmic.
  • It's all about the happy hormones. I would have to say it was the most exhilarating feeling I've ever had. It is all about quiet, surrender, and visualization of opening.
  • Honestly, I'd rather have an "orgasmic" birth than a bunch of doctors yanking my baby out so they can make it home in time for dinner or cutting me open.

What do you think? Could you have an orgasmic birth?


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