The Doctor Wants Me to Have Another Baby

inappropriate pregnancy commentsHere's a funny pregnancy story about someone who's NOT trying to get pregnant. Me!

We had to take my daughter to the ER Saturday. Minor, no stitches. A slice on her inside up lip, courtesy of her big brother's toenail. Long story for another day.

At first the ER doctor seemed great. My daughter was scared, but he squatted down to her level on the chair and told her to call him "Pete." He referred to her as "his brave baby." She felt comfortable, so did we. But then he got a little too ... comfortable. Maybe "wacky" is more the word.

He asked about my daughter's "sister." She replied that she didn't have a sister, only an older brother.

So the cheerful doc, 40ish with braces on his teeth, says, totally out of the blue: "Yes, but Mom and Dad are working on it. You'll see ... I'll bet you'll have a new baby sister very soon."



Where did that come from? My husband and I couldn't even look at each other. He fake snickered, I forced a grin that I'm sure didn't hide the "what the ...?" look in my eyes.

Where does he get off saying that? Perhaps he thought we were younger than we are, in which case I should take it as a compliment, but ...


We've never seen this guy before in our life. He knows nothing about us! The next day, all my daughter could ask about was her new baby sister and when she'd be arriving. Big can of worms opened and cluttering up the place even more now.

But what about me and my feelings? What if I was infertile, or had recently miscarried or had some other horrible condition the prevented me from getting pregnant ... if I even wanted that?

I'm sure the nice but wacky man was just trying to be funny, but stick to medicine, please, doc. And next time, we'll be taking our sliced lips to another hospital, thank you.

What's the most inappropriate or strange comment anyone has made to you about pregnancy or getting pregnant?


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