Are You Taking Bets on Baby's Birth?

bets on baby birth

Photo by TaMpaPhoTog_MoM

Oh my! How cute are these twins!

My twins are due December 24th or the 29th depending on if we go with my OB or my specialist. But most twins are born early...I've been told possibly three weeks ahead of schedule. So from Thanksgiving on, I'm ready for go-time.

I have a good feeling about December 10th. I have no idea why.

I just looked it up -- Emily Dickinson, Meg White, and J Mascis were all born on this date. Not bad.

Maybe I should start a guessing game on my delivery date...


A few moms were talking about taking bets on baby's birth date in the Newcomer's Club:

One CafeMom suggested doing chore bets if it's just between you and your partner. Whoever is the farthest off has to do the dishes at your house for how ever many days they were off. You can do weight, too. For this, the person who was the farthest off on the weight has to cook you that many meals.

JulyBabies and her family put money down on her step-sister's due date and she won! Whoever got closest to the birthdate and time of day, without going over, won.

Are you taking bets with your due date? Will it be just for fun or will money or chore duties be involved?


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