Twin Baby Names: How to Choose?

twin names

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I'm having such a tough time with baby names for my boy/girl twins. My hubs and I have a list that is getting smaller, but we're finding it hard to agree.

He has an uncommon name -- Hans. You can imagine how hard that was for a kid who was born in Louisiana and grew up mostly in Georgia. Not a lot of boys named Hans around.

I've got one of the most popular names of the 70s -- Michele. Yes, my parents did the whole one "L" instead of two thing, but the pronunciation is the same. I hated having the same name as dozens of others when I was in school.

So I want an uncommon name and Hans wants something, well, not so different.


So the hunt for the perfect names continue. I do love the name Nicole Richie gave her newborn son -- Sparrow. But Hans doesn't.

The CafeMom we're following, Kim, is also pregnant with twins and she already chose names for her two girls -- Shae and Sadie. She went with an alliteration style -- matching the first letters. Adorable!

My aunt, who had twins, went with rhyming names -- Tracy and Stacy -- for her girls.

Hans and I want the names to sound good together, but they don't have to rhyme or start with the same letter.

We can always go with Hansel and Gretel. We have friends who joke with us and call us that...a play on Hans' name. We won't be choosing those names though even though my friend Lindsay thinks Gretel is really cute.

Have any twin name ideas to share?


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