Eating Alfalfa Sprouts: Is it Safe?

alfalfa sprouts safe during pregnancy

Should you hold the sprouts?

When you're pregnant there are many no-no foods that your doctor will tell you to forgo for a while: soft cheese, sushi, hot dogs, alcohol, and more. My doctor mentioned a lot of those, but she never told me about the "dangers" of eating alfalfa sprouts, and I had somewhat of a scare after eating some in a sandwich (but everything turned out just fine). So what's the deal with alfalfa sprouts and are they safe to eat during pregnancy?


If you want to be super safe, top that sandwich with lettuce instead—experts say to steer clear of alfalfa sprouts while you're pregnant.

The reason? Sprouts are a breeding ground for bacteria (think salmonella) and they also contain a natural toxin (canavinine) that might be harmful to your baby.

Do you eat sprouts? Will you continue to eat sprouts?

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