Crazy Things OBGYNs Say


things OBGYNs sayThe craziest thing my OBGYN said was that I could have my twins naturally. I know, it's not crazy, but after a visit with a specialist who said I should count on a c-section it was news I didn't expect to hear.

But lots of moms have heard really strange things from their doctors.

The site My OB Said What?!? posts those jaw-dropping quips. Here is a sampling:

  • "Well, her vagina basically exploded..." -OB during repair of extensive tears after vaginal birth with baby in military presentation.
  • "No. You're fine, the baby is fine, but you could DIE." -OB recommending a cesarean, when asked by mom if the baby was in distress.
  • "Pitocin doesn't cause unnatural contractions. It causes REAL contractions."
  • "We've got to get this going if I'm ever going to be back to my office in time for my new furniture delivery." -OB over open belly in the OR.
  • "Smells like BBQ..." -OB to resident while cauterizing vessels during a cesarean section for breech.
  • "This is man blood, so don't be surprised if you start feeling smarter." -OB to mom receiving a transfusion after Postpartum Hemorrhage.

OK, we've all said stupid things...I am so guilty of that. In fact, I could see myself saying something smelled like BBQ if in fact it did, even if it was a little out of line.

What about you? Has your OB ever said anything to you that was off-putting or really strange?

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carri... carrie_grace

Well yes.  I delivered my first child early so with this second pregnancy I am under much closer scrutiny.  I am 24 weeks pregnant and my OB told me that I can't have anymore sex between weeks 24 and 35. As that is a grossly long time to go without... that was not the weird thing she said.  She continued on after telling me to stop having sex that... " your husband can still have sex though..."  My first thought was... "huh? who's he gonna have sex with if I can't have it with him?" It was really off putting and I am pretty sure she just meant he can have time with himself (if you get my drift)... my it was too awkward to even ask her what she meant.

scien... science_spot

Mine was surprised I was "still" breastfeeding my 3 month old.  She said it was completely unneccessary!

auror... aurorabunny

Pretty much everything that came out of my doctors mouth was crazy looking back on it...

boizmom boizmom

Mine said, "Let's induce you before Christmas so that you don't go into labor during my vacation."  I was induced at 37 weeks which resulted in a c-section.  Baby was not ready to come out yet...and my Dr had a plane to catch.  Note that he lied to me and said my baby was in distress, but my medical records say I demanded the c-section.  WTF?  He's not my Dr anymore.

Happy... Happypancake

"You'll feel a little pinch" - Doctor.

*feels like the jaws of life tearing through your birth canal and opening your cervix wide enough to get a glimpse of China from the other side*

Pinch.... right!

Joyan... JoyandLove

OMG! Those are the craziest things I have every heard.

momof... momof3jll

OMG carrie_grace, I would have been speechless too! confused

j2ul1y j2ul1y

The other day when I went to the OB, she pulled down the top of my pants to measure my belly, and she said "Aw really cute panties you have on." Um, awkward! How am I supposed to respond to that? It was also someone I had never seen before because my regular doctor was really behind.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm pissed that people would tell you you needed a c-section JUST because of twins, Michele.  Grr!

How about this, when I wasn't feeling contractions and NOTHING  was wrong:  "Would you rather have your water broken or get pictocin?"


RanaA... RanaAurora

boizmom, I hope you sued.

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