Crazy Things OBGYNs Say


things OBGYNs sayThe craziest thing my OBGYN said was that I could have my twins naturally. I know, it's not crazy, but after a visit with a specialist who said I should count on a c-section it was news I didn't expect to hear.

But lots of moms have heard really strange things from their doctors.

The site My OB Said What?!? posts those jaw-dropping quips. Here is a sampling:

  • "Well, her vagina basically exploded..." -OB during repair of extensive tears after vaginal birth with baby in military presentation.
  • "No. You're fine, the baby is fine, but you could DIE." -OB recommending a cesarean, when asked by mom if the baby was in distress.
  • "Pitocin doesn't cause unnatural contractions. It causes REAL contractions."
  • "We've got to get this going if I'm ever going to be back to my office in time for my new furniture delivery." -OB over open belly in the OR.
  • "Smells like BBQ..." -OB to resident while cauterizing vessels during a cesarean section for breech.
  • "This is man blood, so don't be surprised if you start feeling smarter." -OB to mom receiving a transfusion after Postpartum Hemorrhage.

OK, we've all said stupid things...I am so guilty of that. In fact, I could see myself saying something smelled like BBQ if in fact it did, even if it was a little out of line.

What about you? Has your OB ever said anything to you that was off-putting or really strange?

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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

I know Rana! I can't even get started on some of the things this specialist told me and did. I do not see him anymore, of course! My OB was pissed, too.

fmchavez fmchavez

While being sewed up my midwife said to husband "I'm about to give her a husband stitch, how many would you like? one or two?" If I had been able to feel my legs, I would have kicked her in the head.

doulala doulala

i . am . trying . not . to . vomit.


I have heard many bad ones, though...      :-(      A few of my own.

But here is one:    the day I met my OB she did the first-time prenatal visit run through.   After I had been checked over and told how healthy I was in my mid-first trimester we started chatting.    I asked about my options for delivery, etc., and she said we'll get to that when I induce you.


ehh.   fired.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

Seeing another OB when mine was on holidays.

"You can't have a VBAC, you've had 2 c-sections"

Cuz' he knows better than the docs I've been seeing the whole pregnancy when he only met me 10 seconds ago.  I just told him to mind his own business and do his job, and that my method of birthing had nothing to do with him.

CherB... CherBearCM

Mine wasn't too bad but my regular doctor was on holiday when I went into labour and her partner did my delivery, she came in all in saying "Oh you interrupted my dinner party, I had to get my life partner to serve the dessert!  I hope you're quick so I can get back to my guests before they leave!"  Uhhhh sorry to inconvenience you, thought this is why you got paid the big bucks!

lilpi... lilpixychica

My due date was also the vacation time of my doctor so he asked if I wanted induced just in case I went while he was away and of course I said absolutely not. He ended up being away when I delivered so at my post-partum check-up he said "next time we'll induce you if I have vacation that week." Ummm NOT. I believe the baby should pick their own birthday as long as there is no life-threatening circumstances. We pick the names, the clothes, the bedding, EVERYTHING else, so the baby should at least pick his/her own birthdate. Geez docs. Sorry to inconvenience you.

miriamz miriamz

I had a maternal fetal specialist who was the on call ob in the fetal evaluation unit at St. Luke's Roosevelt and also the director of the OB/GYN residency program tell me I should seriously consider having an abortion because their was a 1/500 chance he would be born with Down's. There was no diagnosis of Down's and I told her even if there were I wouldn't consider it after which she suggested genetic counceling in case I decided to abort. Her name is Dr. Brestman for fellow NY mamas. If she is recommended to you run don't walk away.

miriamz miriamz

She was also very snarky when she did my ultrasound and said that it was my fault that she couldn't get a clear view of my baby. Overall a total bitch and not professional at all. I seriously considered reporting her to ACOG.

KatieP. KatieP.

I see a midwife who is great but when I found out I was pregnant with my second I had a friend who is a doctor now but was an intern then and he was doing his OB rotation. He was telling me that he heard one doctor say that a woman needed a C-Section coz he had dinner reservations at a restaurant that was really hard to get into.

PoeDu... PoeDunkMae

lol when I had my first daughter she was a week and a half late and not comimg out 18 hours of induced labor later....I had a C section.

When they were done the dr. made a comment "Wow you have a beautiful Uterus" and everyone was frigging LOOKING!! I mean, how do you respond to that?? I had this akward feeling someone took a photo and my uterus was going to end up in some doctor magazine LOL.  (But that was just paranoia...I hope! LOL)  I mean, what do you say when the doctor says you have a beautiful uterus? That's NOT a compliment you get everyday.

I also had to listen to them talking about their kids in baseball. 

With my twins I too was told I could have them natural, and I really wanted too, but Keegan was breech, and I was too worried about complications so I had another C Section.  LOL I do remember them saying they couldn't get ahold of Baby B (Keegan) because he was Waaaaaaaay up there LOL. 

And with my daughter (first pregnancy) they pulled her out and said "Hope you wanted a girl cause that's what you got"  I was like...uhhh does it matter as long as she is healthy??

Craaaazy doctors (OH and with my first pregnancy I had to hear them bad mouthing my ORIGINAL OB who had left to work somewhere else a month before my daughter was due) sooo a different OB who took her place did my C section and he and several other nurses were mouthing how my old OB would have done things.

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