Oh How My Nipples Have Changed

breasts change pregnancyTMI alert...I've always had big nipples and areolas. But wow...they seem bigger than ever during pregnancy, plus they are a much darker color. And my boobs have increased a full cup size so far and I'm 25 weeks along.

I remember seeing my mom's nipples years and years ago (early teens), and was in awe of how brown they were in comparison to my own. I asked her why they were different than mine. She told me that they change when you have a baby.

They sure do!


Some moms on CafeMom didn't notice a change in their nipples during pregnancy, but others were in the same boat as me.

I've heard that nipples get bigger and darker so when the baby is ready to breastfeed, she can see them better. Also as the pregnancy progresses, our breasts start producing colostrum -- aka the "super milk" for babies in their early days.

All this nipple talk is making me a little squeamish -- I've already confessed how I am scared to breastfeed because of my nipples being ultra sensitive. But I will get through it!

How much have your nipples changed during pregnancy?


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