Oh How My Nipples Have Changed


breasts change pregnancyTMI alert...I've always had big nipples and areolas. But wow...they seem bigger than ever during pregnancy, plus they are a much darker color. And my boobs have increased a full cup size so far and I'm 25 weeks along.

I remember seeing my mom's nipples years and years ago (early teens), and was in awe of how brown they were in comparison to my own. I asked her why they were different than mine. She told me that they change when you have a baby.

They sure do!

Some moms on CafeMom didn't notice a change in their nipples during pregnancy, but others were in the same boat as me.

I've heard that nipples get bigger and darker so when the baby is ready to breastfeed, she can see them better. Also as the pregnancy progresses, our breasts start producing colostrum -- aka the "super milk" for babies in their early days.

All this nipple talk is making me a little squeamish -- I've already confessed how I am scared to breastfeed because of my nipples being ultra sensitive. But I will get through it!

How much have your nipples changed during pregnancy?


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niami... niamibunni

Mine have become darker and bigger. I had read that breastfeeding in public is no biggie because the nipple is hidden by the baby. Yeah right. Maybe if the nipples are the size of dimes...

It was difficult to start breastfeeding with my first child. He was premature and weighed 5 pounds and it took longer and was difficult to get him to latch on. There wasn't much help from the hospital, they were pro-formula and support groups didn't exist where I lived 16 years ago. Hopefully breastfeeding will be better this time around.

hillmom hillmom

Mine changed alot more during my first pregancy, but I've been nursing through this pregancy so that may be part of it!

As for BF, having knowledge really helps. I know I was very nervous about BF before my first was born. However a GREAT lactation consultation tin the hospital (she let me know that her nursing constantly was a good thing, it would help my milk come in) and support from my husband made it all easier. The beast way to initiate BF is the Breast Crawl, check it out =-)

Happy... Happypancake

My DH calls them Pepperonis.....

ameli... ameliasmama1

When I was pregnant with my daughter they got darker. My fiance would always laugh at me lol. I don't remember when they changed. When I stopped nursing her they changed back to normal. I am pregnant again 14 weeks and they have not changed at all yet.

DevinMW DevinMW

I'm glad someone spoke up about this, because it was blowing my mind! Not really something I could ask fellow moms at work LOL.

I'm praying they go back to how they were... at least somewhat.

Joyan... JoyandLove

Mine look like they belong to someone else:)

fmchavez fmchavez

They look like baby dinner plates, which makes sense, since they are. :)

Death... Deathlilly

Psh, not only did mine get darker they changed shape! They went from normal sized to bigger then to and diagonal oval shape. Without my shirt on my boobs look they have chinese eyes!

Winte... Wintersmom09

My nipples and areolas were already pretty big and now they are just HUGE and they darkened up so much!! I was trying on clothes with my mom and she walked in to hand me a shirt and was like "WHAT?? What happened to your nipples?" Sooooo I guess her's never got as big lol

2Mons... 2MonstersxMommy

Same here...After my last Monster, I was at a 32-34 B and I am at a 34-36 E with this pregnancy--and I am only 24 weeks along!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I breastfeed I will get into I or J....yay for boobs?? lol

God Bless

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